Brinkmann & Ganschow // Reel 2018


Ever since they met a few years back at Hamburg Media School, Sebastian Ganschow and Jan Brinkmann closely collaborate on all kinds of different projects. They do not work exclusively as a duo - that’s because they tend to get a little carried away with their ideas if they spend too much time together.

However, they highly influence each other in their work. That’s why they decided to create something uncommon: a shared showreel, also showcasing work they did individually or with other collaborators.

While Sebastian is a director of photography (but has a background in directing and VFX), Jan primarily works as a director (but has a background as DoP and photographer).

projects (in order of appearance):

Kinnertied Dir: Sebastian Ganschow DoP: Alexander Kohn
Persil - Weisse Weste (Spec) Dir: Jan Brinkmann DoP: Sebastian Ganschow
POP X Dir: Jan Brinkmann DoP: Sebastian Ganschow
Business Salon Dir: Judith Sylla DoP: Sebastian Ganschow
Michael Schulte - End Of My Days Dir/DoP: Jan Brinkmann Gaffer: Sebastian Ganschow
Sijox - Zahltag Dir/DoP: Sebastian Ganschow
VEVO Lift - Alvaro Soler Dir: Mia Hennig DoP: Jan Brinkmann
Darija Dir/DoP: Jan Brinkmann
Adalbert Fuchs Dir/DoP: Brinkmann & Ganschow
Shooting Stars Dir: Maximilian Mundt DoP: Sebastian Ganschow
Peel Me Dir: Cynthia Naseweisky DoP: Sebastian Ganschow
Caught in a Grain DoP: Sebastian Ganschow
Iriedaily @ Immergut DoP: Jan Brinkmann
Neunte Sinfonie Dir/DoP: Brinkmann & Ganschow
Na(h)türlich genießen Dir: Roland Puknat DP: Jan Brinkmann
Get Up Early Dir/DoP: Brinkmann & Ganschow
Ratsherrn Spec Dir/DoP: Brinkmann & Ganschow
Burning Fitti Dir/DoP: Jan Brinkmann