Fridays For Future - climate election


Within 3.5 bumpy weeks, we scripted, produced, shot and edited four spots for the climate strike movement Fridays for Future.

The spots were screened in over 300 cinemas all over Germany and Austria in the four weeks before the European elections.

The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness for the climate crisis we are facing, encouraging people to go vote.

The project was featured in the German ad magazine Horizont as “campaign of the day”.

Girl on Hometrainer Lilli Ray
Boy in shower Hugo McNamara
Girl on Bike Ella Lee
Boy in kitchen Oskar Weiss
Voice Rhea Rechmann

Director Jan Malvin Brinkmann
Director of Photography Larius Kieninger
Producer Mathias Kissling
Editor Nikolaus Kohler

Production Designer Jakob Krause
Costume Designer Violetta Büld

1st Assistant Director Paula Tuschner
1st Assistant Camera Younes Labdi
Data Wrangler Chris Peetz

Gaffer Felix Schuster
Electrician Simon Stadlinger

Location Sound Mixer Benedikt Ludwig

Set Dresser Moritz Schneider

Production Assistant Mariana Bernlochner
Production Assistant Leandra Muckel
Production Manager Paul Brachmann
Set Runner Antonius Naumann
Set Runner Felix Mujkanovic
Set Runner Sebastian Schulz

Colorist Marina Starke
VFX Artist Jonas Bruse
2D Graphics Artist Tilman Frick
DCP Encoding ARRI Media // Amon Aleme Selassie

Sound Postproduction Chaussee Soundvision
Project Management Birte Janata
Sounddesigner Timo Witthöft
Mixing Engineer Jef van Even
Sound Editor Jonas Lux 

Recording Studio Studio Funk Berlin
Sound Engineer André König

Composer Sebastian Watzinger
Guitarist Ivan Torres

Casting Agency Neidig
Casting Agency Next Generation
Equipment Rental
Camelot Broadcast Services

Client Fridays For Future

Year 2019